When Dreams Become Reality

Dream or Reality

Dreams and Reality Collide

I had this dream, where in the dream I had come up with three sentences that were phrased as questions, which when asked in order could basically create the ‘idea’ being formed.

As I asked the questions, the respondent answered in any way they liked, but, as they answered the questions, in order, they were creating the end result of the final question.

It was like the questions themselves, or the rhythm of the words, the vibration, the construction of them, somehow created.

Like, in the moment, created into reality, in real time.

When I awoke, I actually remembered one of the ‘questions’ and half of on of the other one’s.

I had this lucid thought to get up and write them down, but then I had this overwhelming feeling, and thoughts, that there was no rush as I would remember them all again.

I started thinking today that perhaps the interesting reading and researching I have been undertaking recently is really starting to ‘test’ me, or open up new awarenesses than I did not have before, and maybe, just maybe, the ‘answers’ arise from the subconscious in the dream or lucid states.

Those times when you cannot ‘think’ your way to a solution or answer or understanding.

Maybe sometimes you just have to ‘be’ the new perspective and let it ‘wash over’ and through you and then the thoughts can assimilate?

On top of this, the other night, before leaving Australia for the UK, I lay awake with one of ‘those’ ideas.

I end up laying awake til dawn with them.

I call them a ‘rainmaker’ idea…. I reckon I come up with maybe 2 a year, and they always, always come just as I am falling asleep, in the lucid state, and then they ‘wake me up’ and I literally think about them all night. They also tend to be on a Thursday night?

These ideas are not necessarily rainmaker in terms of ‘financial’, they could be cultural transformation, or wide sweeping movements.

The problem has been that I have not known how to implement them. Then I end up thinking that it is wasted energy and I often wondered why I have these ‘dreams’, and have been a bit tough on myself in terms of why this occurs for and to me?

Then, when I got this last one, I could see how broadly it could reach and the impact it, and then I could have.

I have notes on it and will look to share with someone I can trust with integrity, once I can patent it. I got the idea that it must be patented, but I have never, ever done this, let alone understand the process and the ‘why’s’ of patenting.

So, a whole series of new questions have arisen that I have now been researching and watching for.

Then, I realised that irrespective of whether or not I have been able to implement the ‘idea/s’, that I have ended up learning a lot from coming up with the idea. In fact, a couple of them have led to career changes and even whole personal paradigm shifts ‘in’ me.

So, since the other night, I have felt this incredible trust and personal faith inside myself, that nothing I come up with is actually wasted energy.

It’s just energy that arises from ‘within’ me and it always has some impact ‘on’ me and my choices after them.

It’s like a subtle ‘inner glow’ or ‘inner fire’ that I often try to dull, is starting to shine or burn brightly.

Like it has always been there, but I have often looked away from it.

One thing is for certain for me right now. I won’t be tough on myself for being a bit of a ‘dreamer’.

From the ‘dream state’ or lucid state, the most magnificent things can arise, if you let them.

Maybe to dream is to ‘plan’?

How else can something ‘become’ into reality without firstly being someone’s dream?

What I am becoming very intimate with is that ‘powerful context’ is creative beyond imagination, and that we must firstly take real control, or perhaps at least a gentle tightening of the reins of our thinking, and consequently our emotions, to have any chance of creating something of lasting worth and beauty.

Perhaps if context can be set so brightly, so vividly, so passionately, so clearly, so thoughtfully, that the result of such must be inevitable creation?

Aren’t we all doing it every day anyway? Most of us just aren’t aware, so our ‘creation’ is quite minor or limited.

What if it is not that we are here to be creators, but we are just creators?

And, what if you had insight into what the ‘foundations’ were to comfortably create from?

And then, what if there were four key foundations that anyone could master with ease with conscious living?

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