Are you really making a choice?


Are you really making a choice?

What if I told you that your thoughts are not your own?
What if I told you that you are living how others want you to live?
What if I told you that you have been manipulated, cajoled, persuaded, even tricked, into thinking you have choice?

Life is full of moments. And moment to moment we make a choice, and another choice, and another.
On and on it goes.
We think by making lots of choices that we actually have choice. Problem is that we see the world through such a small window, such a thin, thin sliver of what is really possible.
Maybe we are not making choice, but just doing what we have predictably done before?

Maybe we have so much of our past in our future, that no wonder we feel like we are ‘getting nowhere’?

You know that feeling you get, when you are in one of those moments, when you know that what you choose could make a big ‘difference’ in your life? Surely you have all had those moments? Even a handful of really special ones?

What if in those moments you weren’t actually making a ‘choice’?
A choice from complete freedom, but you were actually trapped in your past self, in all your fears, in all your worries, in societies thoughts on what you should do, in your families opinions of what is the next right move, on the ‘rules’ others or you have created for yourself, or god forbid, your religion’s dogma?

What if all, that is right, ‘all’ your choices are made from ‘belief’.
From your belief in yourself?
And, what if that belief in yourself has been squashed, pushed down, not watered, lost, or worst case scenario, taken from you?
What does that choice look like now?


If your belief in yourself is ‘lower’ than it should be, perhaps that means your self esteem will be lower?
With a lower self esteem, how can you ever believe in yourself?
And, if you can’t believe in yourself, how can you even make a choice? Let alone the right choice?

Then, what if I told you that the culture you live in is ‘slightly designed’ to keep your self esteem low?
What if I told you that it serves others to be like everyone else?
What if I told you you’ll never be ‘happy’ if you don’t work on your self esteem first and foremost, as priority number one?
What if I told you that you’ll never have choice, if you can’t believe in yourself?

And then what if I told you that it is so easy to see that you don’t believe in yourself?
It stands out like a golf ball sized lump on your forehead.

What would you do next?

Would you choose the exact opposite just to see what happens?
Who would you start to hang around with?
Who would you ask for help from?
What would you do about that ‘problem’ in your life, or in your body? Or in how you look or present yourself, or what you eat and drink?
What would you talk about?
Would you stop talking about so many things?
Would you even talk?

Would you learn to really listen?
Would you build up your self trust, your self esteem?
Would you become a bit more discerning, and bit more thoughtful?
Would you become a bit more assertive?
Would you drop your sarcasm?
Would you say ‘no’ more?
Would you stand for yourself and others more?

Just remember, you don’t have a choice at all!
The moment you realise this, you are free.
Free to build you own beliefs, to build your self esteem and your view of the world.
Free to be you.
And once you are free, you have choice.

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