Are you in a conversation?


Are you in a conversation?

I was thinking, if you are ‘talking’ you are ‘in’ a conversation.
Some of you are saying…… “of course, derr.”
I mean, you are ‘in’ the conversation.

The moment you ‘talk’ you have embedded, immersed, dived into, become a part of ‘the conversation’.
There is often, in the way we tend to communicate, no way out.


Did you want to be in that conversation really?
Did you want that ‘opinion’ expressed really?
Did you want to be somehow ‘committed’ to that ‘thing’ that came out of your mouth?

Is what you ‘said’ really your thought or perspective, or are you just sprouting off something that you heard and you liked?
(Ooops, that would be bias)
Do you really know the subject you are talking about?
(So many of us appear to be experts on so much)
Do you know what ‘opinion’ is?
(Many think their opinion is ‘fact’.)
Do you know how to get to ‘facts’?
(Have you been taught to listen, like a special kind of listen, to question, to ask for more information?)
Do you know what ‘reality based thinking’ is’?
(Are you actually living in a fairytale, or perhaps in some sort of lottery mentality? Do you know how to get to reality?)

Maybe, before we even open our mouths, we could stop and think?
Do I really want to be ‘in’ this conversation?
Do I really want an opinion expressed, of which I then need to be accountable for?

If you sit and listen, and maybe ask a few more questions, you get to ‘sit outside’ the conversation for a little longer. You get to hear whether the ‘conversation maker’ actually has any substance to what they are saying, you get to ask more questions about who they are, where they come from, how they came to that ‘opinion’.  And perhaps, for many conversations that you then ‘observe’ you don’t need to ‘talk’ at all?
Why would you?
What value would you add?

Maybe you don’t ‘talk’ to learn? Maybe you talk because you are ignorant?
Maybe you prefer ignorance over knowledge?

Now, do you really want to be in this conversation?

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