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Turning Ideas into Reality & Strategy into Action

Travis 'Happy' Tremayne's Possibilitty Blog

How do we turn great Ideas into Action through Strategy?

Ideas are the spark of inspiration.
Ideas, like a seed, need the right conditions to actually grow into something.
At Possibilitty we ‘gather’ ideas with you.
We help you see what the ideas will grow into using foresight strategies and then help you link these ideas to  your strategy through your people.

Ideas into Reality

At Possibilitty we help you ‘gather’ your ideas together in a structured way.
We see what the ideas could grow into using strategic foresight strategies and then help you link these ideas back to your strategy.
Harnessing the ideas, the innovation and the continuous improvement ideas that your people have can leap frog you ahead of your competition.
Your ability to harness this conversation leads to cultural and performance improvements.

Strategy & Leadership Development

Leadership Development.
The Heart & Soul of the work we do at Possibilitty Pty Ltd.
We ensure you get to see from ‘above’ your current strategy or situation and give you tools to assist in getting things to work on a day to day basis.
We facilitate and lead the best 1, 3 & 5 Day Leadership Development Programs that not only link people to strategy, they embed new cultural norms and an organisational language.

Improving Performance

At Possibilitty we use skilled leaders to assess and monitor workflow, time in motion, values alignment and organisation conversation to find significant productivity improvements.
Performance is not about ‘pushing’ people. Performance comes from people understanding the process of work flow. Anyone that ‘pays attention to work’ will automatically improve performance. This will also lead to reduced relationship tension due to more mature conversations occurring.

Coaching & Mentoring

At Possibilitty we have a number of coaching and mentoring options.
We have Quarterly, Annual or 5 and 10 session packages for all levels of leadership.
Each program is specifically tailored to the individual leader’s current requirements.
Our latest fast pace and high impact ‘Jetting’ Program is for leaders that are really ready to ‘confront self’. This program will lead to massive productivity gains. The focus is in the languaging, in assertiveness and really mindful leadership.

Career & Succession Planning

At Possibilitty we have programs to assist individuals and teams to function better by aligning tasks to strengths and attributes, and career aspirations.
We align your leaders progression directly with key succession planning strategies and plans.
We also assist organisations with Career Transition programs that are specifically tailored on a case by case basis.

Leading From The Bench

** Leading from the Bench **

What is Leadership?
So many perspectives!

Managing Director, Travis Tremayne is working on refining key aspects to leadership that are not regularly communicated, or at least often not tackled by organisations and their key leaders.
His key insights will inspire you to greater leadership and team performance!

Reflections from the Bench

At the recent VMBSG Conference in Victoria, Australia a number of industry leaders tackled the difficult aspects of leadership.
All from the comfort of a Park Bench at the front of the room in front of over 100 people.
Candid, is an understatement!
What a great session.  Possibilitty’s Managing Director is conducting more of these in 2015.
Contact us now to book Travis or to find out more.

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